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Michigan’s influence on the world has been anything but ordinary, from rocketing to the moon to creating a cultural phenomenon to leading the country. The first American to walk in space, the creator of the iPod, the co-founder of Google, and the 38th U.S. president are all Michigan alumni.

Whether you go on to earn a Nobel Prize or discreet praise, you’ll find that your journey at U-M is transformative and only the beginning. When you graduate, you will become part of one of the world’s largest and most successful alumni networks, providing links to career and social opportunities beyond campus life.

What will you achieve with Michigan’s stellar combination of academic excellence, diversity, tradition and spirit, and public service? It may be over the moon.

Alumni Association
The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is one of the largest alumni bodies in the world.
Alumni Student Recruitment Program
Alumni volunteers share their U-M pride by encouraging talented students to attend U-M.
Leaders & Best
Alumni are helping U-M prepare tomorrow's leaders and address the complex problems facing our world.
Famous U-M Alumni
Wolverines can be found in just about every profession. Here are some of the Michigan alumni with names you'll recognize.

Michigan graduates are some of the proudest alumni around. If you go out anywhere in the world wearing a Michigan shirt, someone will greet you with "Go Blue!"