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U-M's world-class faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars and innovative thinkers — many leaders in their respective fields. From earning election to the National Academy of Science to winning the Nobel Prize, the research they conduct not only gains attention, it impacts the world. The EKG was developed here as well as the precursor to today’s Internet. You’ll find this type of innovative work across all of our schools and colleges.

Yet, U-M is also an equally great teaching institution. The research that our faculty conduct shapes the course of your education — in several fields, you’ll be learning at the leading edge of discovery. U-M faculty bring new thinking both into and outside of the classrooms, labs, and art and design studios. They strive to create a community of excellence wherever they teach, inspiring students and bringing them into the conversation.

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Michigan is considered one of the best and most collaborative large U.S. colleges giving students the opportunity to interact with faculty experts from many different fields.