Detroit Admissions Office

The U-M Detroit Admissions Office offers an incomparable resource for students, families and guidance counselors in the metropolitan Detroit area. The professional admissions staff has specialized, detailed knowledge of all the high schools in the area and is available to offer assistance in a variety of ways:

Outreach Programs

Detroit students and their families are invited to learn about the University of Michigan and its expectations for students both academically and socially from friendly, knowledgeable staff. Examples include:

  • Community Center Visits
  • Financial Aid Nights
  • Urban Campus Visitations
  • Pre-College Awareness
  • Elementary School Career Days
  • Middle School Career Days
  • High School Career Days

Prospective Student Programs

High school students (junior year or younger) are invited to the Detroit Office to hear counselors discuss in-depth the admissions applications process, timeline and what U-M looks for in its applicants. Examples include:

  • Junior Student/Parent Nights
  • College Planning Workshops

Applicant Programs

High school seniors are invited to the Detroit Office to receive help from counselors as they work through the admissions application process. Examples include:

  • High School Presentations
  • College Fairs
  • Urban Outreach
  • Application Workshops

Please call the office at (313) 872-7608 to schedule an appointment regarding admissions and/or financial aid. Office appointment hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions – Detroit Admissions Office
3663 Woodward Ave., Suite 190
Detroit, MI  48201

Detroit Office Staff

Anthony Webster, Senior Admissions Counselor
Shannon Lenfest, Admissions Counselor
Monique Rendon, Administrative Assistant