5 Things to NEVER, EVER Bring to Campus Your Freshman Year of College
August 24, 2017
Alexandra Ngo

In a couple of days,  Ann Arbor is going to be filled with students returning to campus: seniors, juniors, sophomores, and graduate students. They all know the rhythm and routine of moving in and bring what they swear is the result of a perfect packing list, yet they ultimately include things they do not actually need.

Wait, I think I am forgetting one group of students: our beloved freshman. These new students come from all across the nation and dozens of countries abroad, which means we have an incredibly diverse community joining us on campus.

But no matter where they are coming from, there are certain items that should never appear in any parents’ trunk or overstuffed totes from Target.

What are these items? Don’t worry! I’m here to share.

Here are the five things an incoming freshman should NEVER bring to campus:

1. High School Memorabilia and Awards

Yes, it is okay to be proud of all you have accomplished to get to U-M.

No, you should not wear your varsity jacket and all of your old high school T-shirts, nor bring all your trophies and medals to your dorm room.

Sure, I may have peaked senior year and wish it was socially acceptable to humble brag about high school accomplishments, too, but it’s not a good look.

2. An Alter Ego

I completely understand that this is a new campus, which means thousands of new people that you have never met before. Sure you want to be more confident, but do not overdo it.

Don’t be that type of person who only watched a couple soccer games but shows up to the intramural leagues boasting about the superstar you are on the field.

Ann Arbor is a place where, no matter if you are a freshman or a recent grad, you are likely still figuring out who you are and getting to know yourself. Be open to new experiences and embrace this time in your life.

3. Other Colleges' T-shirts

It is okay to have them to wear to bed. Who among us didn’t try their best to receive the free UChicago shirt or hoard all the collegiate wear from local colleges and universities?

It is time for big kid clothes, meaning trade in that old MSU sweatshirt or hat from NYU for the most fashionable Maize & Blue attire.

I hear khakis are still in from last season.

4. Your Friends Who Go to MSU or Ohio State

Do I even need to explain this one?

The only time it is acceptable to converse with Little Brother or those Buckeyes is when we are talking major smack before big games.

5. Mixed Emotions About U-M

Completely understandable if you are feeling a type of nervous-excited for your freshman year, but do not be scared. You are going to be a part of one of the greatest universities in the world with one of the largest alumni networks, the most spirited student body, and the biggest support network for academics and mental health.

Whether you know no one or your entire high school is coming to the university, your freshman year is going to be amazing.

For anyone reading this, there are only seven words that describe the Michigan experience: it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

Good luck and go blue this fall!

Alexandra Ngo

is a campus tour guide and senior pursuing degrees in international studies and Spanish. She can be reached at