Waiting for your admission decision? 7 things to do instead of pulling your hair out
December 8, 2017
Samantha Soren

December 2014. Not a day went by without someone bringing up college admissions decisions.

When are they coming out?

Who is going to get denied?

Who is going to get deferred?

Is anyone even going to get in?

Can we just find out already?

On Dec.19, 2014, my torment was over. I was IN!


However, that period of 19 days in December before I got my decision was one of the most stressful times of my life.

If you’re a high school senior right now, you probably know exactly what I mean.


So, instead of biting all of your nails off or ripping out your hair (like I may or may not have done), why not try to something more positive to reduce your stress? Here a few suggestions.  

1. Eat some good food

We all can use some solid comfort food when stress gets the best of us. Start getting in the college mindset with recipes from Spoon University

Some are as easy as three ingredients in a mug in the microwave!

2. Hang out with friends

Think about it: how many of your close friends are you going to actually attend college with?

It may not have seemed like the biggest deal at the time, but doing something as simple as going over to my friend’s house on a Monday night is one of the memories I cherish most now that we don’t get to see each other as much.


3. Work out

While pigging out to some of those newfound recipes while binge watching season two of Stranger Things is definitely calling your name during this stressful season, hopping off the couch when Netflix asks “Are you still watching?” may prove to be the best decision you make all day.

Exercise releases endorphins, which help decrease pain and improve sleep, both of which lead to less stress for you during the application waiting game!


4. Pick up a new hobby

My philosophy before I got to college was that I would have plenty of time to pick up hobbies once I arrived. I have never been more wrong.

While college is a place to pick up new interests, why wait to do things you have always wanted to do? Take some classes with a friend or watch some DIY YouTube videos and get started on that hobby. That way, you won’t spend all of your time thinking of the college application process!

5. Focus on tackling senioritis

Just in case you do end up deferred to Michigan or are applying to schools that require you to send your first semester grades, do not forget to keep them up.


Moreover, while it may be tempting to slack off when you do get in to your dream school, the key to performing well at college is to work smart, not just hard. Learning how to do this before you arrive by practicing your senior year will assist you in achieving your highest potential.

6. Journal

You may think that your high school years will be remembered forever. But memories can be fleeting, and you will want something to remember these times by.


Journaling about what is going on right now is a perfect way to both reduce stress by writing out your emotions as well as having a little memento from high school.

7. Look at your options

How do I best deal with stress at college? If I’m about to take a test, I think, what will happen if I fail this test? If I fail out of my program?

While the answers to these questions involve routes I do not necessarily want to take, I do take comfort in the fact that in case of emergency, I always have a plan B or C or D. This goes for you, too, senior applying to college!

Make sure you have applied to at least one or two safety schools along with a few match schools and a few reaches. Once you realize that you will at the very least go to a school on your list, even if it is not your current favorite, you may find it easier to take a deep breath and just relax.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

So no matter what is going through your head right now as you navigate the treacherous application season, just know that you will end up - and you will succeed! - at the place that is best for you.


Samantha Soren
is a campus tour guide and junior in the School of Nursing. She can be reached at