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How To Get Research Experience In College (Even During Covid)

Being involved with new scientific findings while learning at the same time is a great opportunity available to students at U-M. But how can we be involved in research at a time when many labs have restrictions due to COVID?

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Celebrating Amidst Covid

Following the game against one of our biggest rivals, I want to share some ideas for how old activities can be altered to keep the traditions of campus alive, in a safer manner.

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A Day in My Life at U-M: Remote Classes Edition

What does a typical day actually look like for U-M students in 2020? In this post, I’ll take you through a day in my life living and taking classes on campus. 

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Sleep: The Hidden Hero

With college application and exam season in full swing, I want to take a moment to discuss how sleep has kept me balanced during bumps in the road of life.

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Our Dorms in Playlist Form

As more and more people I know are starting to think about their plans for next year (by looking at houses and apartments), I have begun to reflect on my time in various dorms.

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Making Time for Self-Reflection

Goodbye September, and hello October! As it starts to sink in that we’ve already completed a month of school, I think now is the perfect time to reflect on the past month before moving full speed ahead into October.

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How to Keep Up with Your Ideals During College

How to be the person we want to be and how to know what kind of person we want to be are tricky subjects which get answered as we get to know ourselves; but how do we walk the walk after talking the talk in a time that is as demanding as college?


Learning a Language at U-M

Learning a language is hard no matter where you are. But at U-M, you can tap into so many resources and people to help you gain proficiency in the language of your choice.