Michigan Residents

Many students and families across the country are concerned about the rising cost of college. Before you make any major decisions about your future, we want to make sure that you know about your many options at the University of Michigan.

U-M’s mission as a public university remains truer than ever. We are working hard to keep higher education affordable and accessible — especially for residents of the State of Michigan.

Making Michigan an Affordable Choice

For many families, the published price of tuition is not the cost that they will be expected to pay. U-M is the only public university in Michigan to cover 100 percent of demonstrated financial need of in-state students.


Our high student retention and graduation rates—the best among all Michigan colleges and universities—makes U-M an exceptional value for these families.*

*You must apply by the deadline and accept all of the aid that we offer. Demonstrated financial need is determined after you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Financial Aid PROFILE.

Commitment to Financial Aid

Our Go Blue Guarantee covers the cost of in-state tuition for up to four years of full-time undergraduate study on the Ann Arbor campus for Michigan residents who qualify for in-state tuition and have a family income of $65,000 or less, subject to certain limits.

In the last decade, our central financial aid budget has seen a compound annual growth rate of over 10 percent, reducing the net cost of attendance for Michigan families with need. The success of this investment policy, and our longstanding policy of meeting full demonstrated need for in-state students, has had a striking effect on net cost over time.

Factoring in inflation, the cost to attend the University of Michigan has actually declined for students with need. We have done this by replacing loan dollars–-money that students must eventually repay-–with grant dollars, which are not repaid. As a result, student debt burden at graduation has been decreasing.

If I don’t qualify for the Go Blue Guarantee, are there other options I can use to help cover the cost of a U-M education?

Yes, there are several ways you can afford to attend U-M. This table explains typical scholarship and grant aid for in-state undergraduate students whose families earn more than $65,000 annually and who qualify for aid. Also view our family profiles (below) to see how other Michigan families are funding college educations. Approximately 70 percent of all in-state U-M undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.

Total Family Income % of Applicants who qualify for Scholarship & Grant Aid Average Scholarship & Grant Aid (% of Tuition) Average Tuition after Scholarship and Grant Aid
$65K-95K 96% $14,800 (91%) $1,512
$95K-125K 89% $8,927 (55%) $7,385
$125K-150K 64% $5,347 (33%) $10,965
$150K-180K 60% $4,342 (27%) $11,970


In addition to the Go Blue Guarantee, as this table illustrates, eligible Michigan residents with demonstrated financial need at all income levels continue to qualify for financial aid. For example, 89 percent of families who applied for aid with an income between $95,000–$125,000 receive on average scholarship/grant aid that pays for 55 percent of their tuition.

Myths & Misconceptions
Addresses common misconceptions about U-M’s affordability and financial aid to help clarify what funding opportunities are available for in-state students.
Family Profiles
Family Profiles provide general numbers and averages that reflect the total costs for the 2016-2017 school year.

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