Other Applicants

In addition to freshman applicants and transfer students, applications also need to be filled out by non-degree, guest, and dual enrollment students. If you have left the university and would like to come back, you will need to apply for re-admission and if you would like to switch to a different school within U-M, you will need to fill out a Cross Campus Transfer Application to apply to that school.

Non-Degree & Guest Applications
If you have completed an undergraduate degree and would like to take courses during the fall or winter terms at U-M, you can do so by filling out the Non-Degree Application.
Dual Enrollment
Dual enrollment is a program through which high school students may enroll in college classes at the University of Michigan.
If you were previously enrolled in good standing but your attendance was interrupted, lapsed, or discontinued and you wish to enroll again, you must apply for re-admission.
Change of U-M School
Any current or former U-M student who wishes to transfer from one school or college on the Ann Arbor campus to another.

There are more than 65 foreign languages taught at U-M.