5 Next Steps for the Class of 2025

Here we go! Get ready to start your new chapter as a Wolverine. #UMICH2025

By Madeleine Lee February 8, 2021
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Welcome, Class of 2025! It’s nice to see you again and finally on the “other side” of the college application process. In August, I shared some of my tips on how to start your application. At the end of November, I generated a list of activities for celebrating your submission. Wow, I can’t believe we’re already here!

I’m honored to be one of the first students to welcome you to the University of Michigan. I hope you’re soaking it all in right now because you deserve it. But, what is a U-M blog post without some tips to go with it? Here, I share five items that you can get started on as a proud Wolverine.

Apply for scholarships 

Figuring out how to pay for college is stressful. After getting into U-M, I began to wonder how I would pay for it. I didn’t know where to even start. Fortunately, there are many resources out there to alleviate these concerns.

For example, the university offers different types of scholarships to first-year students. In fact, admitted LSA students can apply for the Four-Year Renewable Scholarship, which is due on February 10, 2021. Make sure to get your application in on time! More information on scholarships can be found via the Office of Financial Aid here.

I would also recommend reaching out to your school counselor to see what types of scholarships are available in your community. Lastly, search engines like Fastweb and Scholarships.com offer a wide range of opportunities to earn money towards your college education!

Join the U-M Admitted Students Facebook Group

Wait, what? Why Facebook? I know, I know. I was also confused about this when I was a senior in high school. I didn’t have a Facebook, but once I started focusing on college, I learned that Facebook groups are pretty popular for connecting with your future classmates. 

In the U-M Facebook group, you can introduce yourself, meet new people, and ask questions. Students can also find roommates and learn more about what’s happening on campus. Oftentimes, current Wolverines will join the group to promote their student organizations and events or just offer advice to incoming first-year students. I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t already! 

Attend Admitted Student Events

Remember Enrollment Connect? Yes, the student portal that you checked daily to see if your application status had changed...been there, done that. Well, don’t forget about it. This portal has information about upcoming virtual events and resources for you to learn more about the university and what it has to offer you. There include panels, financial aid information sessions, and online networking opportunities that are all for the taking! You even have the chance to connect with current students and faculty. How cool is that? Make sure to register for these events as many of them take place this month!

Wolverine Connection resource on the admissions website
Connect with current Wolverines in your school or college with Wolverine Connection!

Share the good news 

The college application process has most likely been a formative experience for you, but it’s also been an important one for those who are rooting for you each step of the way. Make sure to keep them in the loop and thank them for helping you get to where you are today.

Finish off your senior year strong

A huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, but wait, we’re not done! Around this time, high school seniors can be afflicted by senioritis. However, you still have several more months of school left so make sure to continue staying on top of your work and other obligations. Maintaining this momentum will allow you to maximize your last year of high school to its fullest.

I found myself going through the motions towards the end of senior year, and that made graduation feel even further away. However, once I regained my motivation and desire to dedicate all of my attention to what I was doing, I found my senior year to be more enjoyable and fulfilling. You can do it!

Wishing you all the best this semester. Until next time, Go Blue! 

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Madeleine Lee
Madeleine Lee

Madeleine Lee is a sophomore in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and plans to study at the intersection of health and social justice. Outside of the classroom, she conducts research at the Kellogg Eye Center and is a member of the Vice President for Student Life Advisory Board. She is an Ann Arbor native and in her free time, you can find her running, reading, or snapping photos.