Public Art Blog Post

Exploring Public Art Around Campus

There are a ton of public art pieces to explore around campus. Read on to get a glimpse of some of my favorite art pieces that the University of Michigan has to offer!

Masked Students in Class

Remote Learning and Resilience

One full academic year of online classes is now complete. How have U-M students navigated remote learning this past year? Read on to hear from several students about their experiences and what helped them adjust to the new demands of remote learning.

daffodils in bloom on campus

What I’ll Miss From Ann Arbor

Summer break is almost here, and there are so many things about Ann Arbor that I’ll miss while I’m back home.

characters working together

The Importance of Peer Mentorship

Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned throughout college have come from my peers. Read on to learn more about my experience with peer mentorship!

student mural

Beyond the Campus: The Consequences of Student Activism

Many BIPOC students have assumed the additional role of activist, especially amidst increased coverage of racial violence against the Black, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. But a closer consideration of student-led activism brings to light the consequences of shouldering this extra role for students.

students walking along sidewalk lined with tress on campus in the fall

Places to visit on a campus

Every campus tour seems to visit the same spaces, but what about the REAL campus (i.e. the one only current students know about)? Here’s my take on what to look for in your prospective college campus…