Campus Org Spotlight: MUSIC Matters

Does music matter?

By Esther Hur December 19, 2023
Campus Org Spotlight: MUSIC Matters

As you navigate the bustling world of campus life at the University of Michigan, you may start to realize that finding clubs and organizations with your interests can be overwhelming. This recurring blog is a guide to campus organizations, especially those who dedicate their efforts to helping communities and bringing people together.

If you're passionate about music and using the unifying power of music to create a positive and lasting impact within our community, MUSIC Matters might just be the perfect club for you. MUSIC (Michigan Undergraduates Serving in the Community) Matters is a student-run nonprofit organization and one of the largest student organizations at U-M. Through innovative initiatives, events, and a shared love for music, MUSIC Matters combines the love of music with a profound commitment to social impact.

Headliner Role Model Miranda Johoward
MUSIC Matters’ SpringFest 2023 headliner Role Model (Miranda Johoward)

SpringFest: An Anthem of Unity

MUSIC Matters takes center stage each April with SpringFest, a full-day lifestyle and music festival run by students, for students. It’s the largest student-run event and the largest zero-waste event on the U-M campus. The heartbeat of SpringFest echoes through State Street with various concerts showcasing local talent.

SpringFest day festival
SpringFest day festival (Max Mcloughlin)

Each year, more than 65 student organizations come together on State Street for the daytime festival. This event features innovations, artistic expressions, social identities, and sustainability initiatives.

A food truck at the SpringFest day festiva
A food truck at the SpringFest day festival (Hannah Hur)

Attendees can enjoy live music, student performances, food trucks, art installations, and a myriad of other engaging activities.

Music at SpringFest
(Hannah Hur)
Concert stage at the day festival
Concert stage at the day festival (Max Mcloughlin)

The daytime festival is  followed by MUSIC Matters’ nighttime benefit concert, which features a major headlining artist. Past headliners include J. Cole, Hippo Campus, A$AP Ferg, Louis the Child, Lil Yachty, Desiigner, 2 Chainz, Ben Folds, Common, and Migos. Check out highlights from all their past shows! Last year, the SpringFest headliner was Role Model! 

Nighttime benefit concert’s headliner Role Model
Nighttime benefit concert’s headliner Role Model (Miranda Johoward)

All proceeds from SpringFest go to Social Ventures, one of the committees in MUSIC Matters that is dedicated to several community service projects to improve educational opportunities. One such opportunity is the Big Thinkers Scholarship. It provides two $1,500 scholarship grants to fund two students' future endeavors regardless of their financial situation! It is also still accepting applications today!

Battle of the Bands: Where Local Talent Shines

MUSIC Matters goes beyond events that not only entertain but also contribute to their social impact mission. One such spectacular event is the Battle of the Bands, where local musical talent comes together to compete for a grand prize. It's not just a competition; it's a celebration of the rich community of local music and a testament to MUSIC Matters' commitment to providing a platform for emerging artists.

Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands at the Blind Pig (Isaac Mintz)
Battle of the Bands at the Blind Pig
Battle of the Bands at the Blind Pig (Isaac Mintz)

The Harmony of Collaboration: Committees

There are five committees in MUSIC Matters, each playing a vital role in making the organization's impact and events possible. While the projects vary across these committees, the essence remains the same: Every member contributes toward the collective mission of the club.

  • SpringFest: 
    The SpringFest Committee is dedicated to organizing the annual daytime festival on State Street, making sure everything goes smoothly, and ensuring a memorable experience for all.
  • Marketing: 
    The Marketing Committee handles all of MUSIC Matters' marketing and social media plans, creating strategies and implementing them to share events and initiatives to connect with the Michigan community.
  • Talent & Concert: 
    The Talent and Concert Committee handles orchestrating the nighttime benefit concert for SpringFest. Additionally, they curate local talent showcases, including open mic nights, performance competitions, and the SpringFest day stage.
  • Fundraising: 
    The Fundraising Committee plays a crucial role in securing support from corporate sponsors, strengthening relationships with U-M schools and departments, and organizing various fundraising events. Their efforts ensure the necessary funding for the diverse events and social ventures orchestrated by MUSIC Matters. 
  • Social Ventures: 
    Dedicated to making a positive impact, the Social Ventures Committee is instrumental in planning and executing the club's social venture initiatives. This includes managing the Big Thinkers ScholarshipMEET Michigan (formerly MOvE), and the CoMMunity Partnership, each designed to contribute meaningfully to the community.

How To Join - Get Involved!

Does music matter? 

For those of you who said yes and are interested in joining MUSIC Matters, their application is rolling so you are able to submit your application whenever you have the time to do so!

Apply to MUSIC Matters!

Esther Hur
Esther Hur

Esther Hur is a current sophomore double majoring in film, television & media and communications & media. She is from Palisades Park, New Jersey. At U-M, Esther is involved in several music and film clubs. Outside of classes, Esther is a freelance photographer and videographer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and exploring new areas to capture with her camera!