I need money! Where can I find a scholarship?

By Pamela W. Fowler February 23, 2016

“Scholarship” is a broad term, and at U-M this gift aid can come from many sources. You may receive it directly from U-M, from a school or college within the University, through the U-M Office of Financial Aid or from one of any variety of community or civic groups.

Scholarships can be based on financial need, on merit, on a combination of the two or can even be linked to your hometown of residence, where a parent works or other criteria that a donor group deems applicable.

So, how do you get a scholarship?

When you apply to be admitted to U-M, you are automatically considered for most of the need-based scholarships administered by the U-M Office of Financial Aid (generally used to pay for tuition and on-campus housing charges) and merit and need-based scholarships from U-M schools and colleges. Each unit has its own award criteria, so stay in touch with your individual school or college for details specific to their programs.

Our office works with these school and college scholarship offices around campus to be sure that any scholarship is used to provide the best financial aid package for you.

All students should create a “My Scholarship Profile” with the University and keep it updated to ensure that they are considered for all available scholarships. Though it does not qualify a student for scholarships, “My Scholarship Profile” puts students into the pool for consideration. Information you provide, combined with other information the university already maintains, offer a well-rounded view for scholarship administrators across the U-M campus. Visit the My Scholarship Profile page for details and then update your information through the Campus Finance section of Wolverine Access.

U-M has many Alumni Clubs around the country and most provide scholarships to admitted students. Check regularly with your counseling office for this and other information from additional scholarship providers.

You may also wish to visit the "5 Steps to Scholarships" page for a list of recommended scholarship searches.

If you have questions about this the process or any other financial aid questions, please call us at 734-763-6600 or email financial.aid@umich.edu.

Pamela W. Fowler

is the Executive Director of the Office of Financial Aid