Living in a Theme is a Dream! Check out the LiveWell Theme Community
March 16, 2020
Theme Housing

LiveWell, a Theme Community located in Bursley Hall, is focused on bringing first-year students together who value all aspects of wellness. From participating in gym sessions together to crafting healthy meals in the dining hall to participating in self-care nights, members of LiveWell want to live a holistically well life with those around them.

Being a member of LiveWell means connecting with your peers around U-M’s eight dimensions of well-being:

Here’s what a few students had to say during LiveWell’s inaugural year:

What does living in LiveWell mean to you?

“LiveWell means surrounding myself with other people who have many of the same interests as me; that includes living a healthy lifestyle.”

“It means that I have the chance to be surrounded by people who care about their health in one way or another and gives me the opportunity to grow while at U-M.”

How has LiveWell helped you find your place here at U-M?

“Everyone on my floor has something in common so I feel as if I’ve made a connection with everyone, which is not something that I’ve heard very many people talk about on other floors.”

“It has definitely surrounded me with people with similar values as me, which I really appreciate.”

“LiveWell has helped me find people to work out with, create intramural teams together, and even participate in club sports too.”

“It's a great way to meet people who like to go to the gym.”


What are the best parts about living on North Campus?

“I feel like I have more separation between home and class than other students, meaning that when I come home, I feel more relaxed.”

“Chicken tender days at Bursley dining hall!”

“The North Campus Recreation Building (NCRB) is the best part of North Campus.”


Interested in applying to live in LiveWell? Follow the steps below!

  • Read more about LiveWell on our website here!
  • Complete the online University Housing application when you receive it via your Umich email.
  • Fill out the Theme Community application.
  • All Theme Communities require short essay responses (included on the Theme Community application).
  • The priority deadline to submit a Theme Community application is May 6, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Students will be notified of their acceptance into a Theme Community throughout the month of June.



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