Move Across the Country

Advice from an out-of-state student

By Zoe Shafiezadeh January 31, 2024
Move Across the Country: Advice from an out-of-state student

Choosing a university can be one of the most stressful and difficult decisions you make during your academic career. You are deciding between so many factors like academics, financial aid, social life, athletics, and quality of life to name a few. When I was applying to schools, I considered these factors and more, including location. As a student from California, there were so many great universities in my area that I applied to without a second thought. To me, they were perfect, comfortable even. Why would I want to leave a state that had already offered so much to me?

Nevertheless, I applied to schools all over the country in states like Texas, Massachusetts, and Georgia but of course, the majority were in California. Staying close to home was the safest option in a time of so much uncertainty. I would have family close by if I needed anything and could come home basically whenever I wanted. Why risk trying anything new when I already had to worry about making a decision that would affect me for the rest of my life? This was my train of thought when I was applying to schools as a senior in high school. I was so scared of the change that would come with leaving for college and so worried about being uncomfortable that I almost missed out on one of the greatest experiences of my life.

So do it. Move across the country. Don’t let fear cloud your judgment.

Choosing to move across the country to attend a school over 2,000 miles away from my home was the best decision I ever made. Going to college is a big enough step as it is. You might be hesitant to add to that but trust me, it's worth it. I applied to the University of Michigan for a reason, and so did you. For me, it was the opportunity to explore different career paths including business, communications, and sport management. For you, it could be the sciences, engineering, arts, or any of the other amazing programs here. The University of Michigan is a place of innovation where no matter what field you choose to study you will succeed. I was worried about moving to a place where I knew practically no one; only a few kids from my high school had gone before me. However, I moved into my residence hall and made friends with kids from both in and out of state who were worried about the same things. As a person of both Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent, I was worried about feeling respected and a part of a community. As soon as I got to Michigan, I felt accepted and appreciated by everyone I met. I was even able to find and join clubs related to both my cultures, allowing me to celebrate important holidays and traditions as I would at home.

So do it. Move across the country. Put yourself in a possibly uncomfortable situation, and watch yourself thrive in an amazing community dedicated to achieving academic greatness and forming good people.

Zoe Shafiezadeh
Zoe Shafiezadeh

Zoe Shafiezadeh is a current sophomore studying communications and mass media with a certificate in sales and marketing from the Ross School of Business. Zoe is originally from Palos Verdes, California, a suburb of Los Angeles where she loves to spend time at the beach or going on hikes. In addition to working as a marketing and media assistant for the Office of Enrollment Management, she is also a communications assistant for Michigan Medicine, as well as a member of Sport Business Association and Alpha Delta Pi.