My Admissions Decision - 4 Years Later

By Alexa Caruso April 13, 2018

I remember exactly where I was when I got the news. I was sitting in my high school art class. I had just been talking to one of my teachers about college acceptances. It was late March and she was asking when I would be hearing back about my college applications. I told her I had already received acceptances from a few schools, but I was still waiting to hear back from my top choice – the University of Michigan.

As I sat at my desk I checked my email and a new message popped up. The subject line? “Your University of Michigan Admissions Decision.” ‘Ok,’ I thought to myself, ‘just open it up, it was your reach school so if you don’t get in that’s ok, but you won’t be able to go through the day not knowing.’ I clicked on the email and audibly gasped when I read the words “CONGRATULATIONS Alexa – You’re IN!” My whole class turned to me as I yelled “I got in!” I remember watching the letter m video with my classmates, calling my parents to tell them the news, and having my best friend run down the hall to give me a hug.

All this happened just over four years ago. Now, as I write this as a senior, it’s hard to believe my time here at Michigan has gone by so quickly. Looking back, here’s a list of a few of the many things you’ll do after you’ve received your acceptance letter.

Meet some amazing alumni

During orientation, I bought a navy hat with a maize block M on it. Pretty simple. Of course, I wore it everywhere because I was so excited to be a Michigan student. No matter where I went, without fail, I constantly had people saying “Hey! Go Blue!” In stores, from cars, on the sidewalks, you name it. Michigan has one of the largest alumni networks in the country, with over 585,000 living alumni. An alumni network that big provides some great opportunities and countless “go blue” greetings.

Experience campus

It’s no secret that Michigan has an incredible campus. Whether it’s studying hard in the law library, feeding squirrels the Diag, checking out the Wave Field on North Campus, or hiking in the Arb, there’s a spot for everyone. My favorite study spot was the study rooms in the Michigan Union (which will be even better after the upcoming renovation!) and I always love relaxing in my hammock in the Diag.

Experience campus

Find your community

I’ve written about finding my community in the past, and each student has their own unique story about finding their spot on campus. Coming to Michigan can seem overwhelming, but it’s very easy to make a big school small by finding your community. For me this meant making friends with the people in my dorm (shoutout to Betsy Barbour!), joining clubs, and getting involved in my sorority. I’ve had friends who joined the campus newspaper, dance groups, and service clubs. With over 1,500 clubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Alpha Gamma Delta

Get the “Michigan” experience

The Michigan experience can be different for everyone, and can manifest itself in many different ways. For me, it was standing in the Big House with over 110,000 other people, singing our fight song, as heavy snow came down. It was sending excited snapchats to friends when our basketball team qualified for the Final Four. It was pre-ordering paczki and having a coney dog. It was late nights in the library, working on essays. It was going on late night food runs with friends. You might not realize exactly when you have your Michigan experience, but looking back on your four years, you’ll know what it was.

Do things you never thought you would

I don’t think my high school self would have believed it had you told her that over the course of four years later she’d study abroad in Florence, Italy, go camping for the very first time for a class, and get the opportunity to hear some amazing lecturers like Pussy Riot and John Lewis speak. And yet, here I am. Michigan has provided me the opportunity to do some pretty incredible things that I never would have thought I could do. With all the classes and programs Michigan offers, there are so many things the students here can achieve.

I can hardly believe it’s been four years since I was accepted to UofM. I’ll be graduating in a few weeks, and I’m treasuring what time I have left. As a message to anyone who is just getting their Michigan acceptance and isn’t sure about it – come. It’s been an amazing four years and I’m so excited to hear that other people will get to experience Michigan just as I did. I couldn’t imagine having gone to college anywhere else.

Alexa Caruso

is a senior in the Stamps School of Art & Design. Contact her at [email protected]