Planning for a Great Semester

I believe we can still have a great college experience at Michigan. Really, I think a lot of it comes down to how much effort we put into planning for a great semester.

By Lisa Kim July 29, 2020
U-M campus

Just like the university is doing a whole lot of strategizing and analyzing to figure out how to best plan for this semester and make sure we are still learning to the same standards as we were in person, Wolverines can plan and set goals for ourselves to create a great semester. We have the freedom and power to creatively find ways to connect with friends, make new ones, study hard, and advance professionally.


So, if you want to learn something or need to polish up some specific skills, find some friends who want to do the same and hold each other accountable to a study plan.

On Campus

If you’re worried about making friends in the fall, start your own group chats, attend as many virtual gatherings as you can, or speak with your advisors about ways to get involved. There are so many people feeling this way, so try to be open to connecting virtually! Set up Facebook groups, Slack workspace, GroupMe chats, or start a good old group text message.

Off Campus

If you’re staying home for the semester and worried about not being able to focus as well as you might have on campus, make friends with some of the people in your classes, and schedule BlueJeans or Zoom meetings to study together. (Remember to password protect your meeting!)

Future Forward

If you think that your resume could benefit from some more real world experience, hop on Handshake, U-M Student Employment Office, the Career Center, and LinkedIn, and discover some amazing opportunities!


If you find yourself with a lot of free time, invest that time in your health and happiness. Spend some extra time with your pets, pick up that hobby that you’ve wanted to try, or pick up a new language.


If you feel like you could use a break, remember that your wellness comes first. Take some time to rest. Turn off the screens and go for a walk outside, or enjoy a warm cup of tea. Call someone that you haven’t talked to in a while and find out what they’re up to or play some online Pictionary or Codenames together. Set yourself some goals, my friend. Fall 2020 will be different, to be sure, but I think it can still be great. We can do this.

Lisa Kim
Lisa Kim
Lisa Kim is a recent graduate of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, where she majored in computer science and minored in multidisciplinary design. Lisa is a big fan of doing face masks, reading thrillers, and listening to electronic music, and you can probably find her doing one of those three things now.