Resolutions for the New Year

We made it through 2020! Sharing excitement and resolutions for the new year.

By Ellie Younger January 4, 2021
You've got this!

I learned a lot about myself in this last tumultuous year, and about the strength, resilience, and intelligence of those around me. 2020 seemed to change the whole meaning of productivity, and forced me to shift my lens, as I actively worked to prioritize self care over accomplishments. Last year, I learned about the necessity of holding onto hand sanitizer, the importance of community care, and the need to be comfortable spending long periods of time alone.

Looking forward to the future, I find myself wishing for big things that are less in my control. I long for safety and health, and I know I must do my part in attaining those larger goals. In the meantime, I’ve been creating some resolutions. I think the beautiful thing about goals is that they are something to keep creating year round, something to encourage us to keep working and growing no matter the season.

new year resolutions list

This year I resolve to:

  • Appreciate my friends and family, as well as every person I interact with. I hope to strengthen the connections I have, and share my gratitude with those who helped me through the past year. 2020 has made me miss random conversations in lecture halls, bathrooms, and corners of the Diag. Heading into the new year, I know I will only see people from a distance, or in grocery stores, but I plan to appreciate every second.
  • Put more time and energy into myself. I often lose myself in trying to take care of others, or trying to accomplish my work perfectly. 2020 drained us all with worries and fears, and heaps of Zoom homework. My new priority is my own care.
  • Take more breaks. My work isn’t going anywhere, but this last year has definitely taught me that burnout is killer. I cannot sustain myself if I work non-stop, or if my breaks are spent in ways that don’t allow me to relax. It is vital to take time to breathe, and do things that help me recharge. 
  • Say yes to challenging myself. I grow the most by taking risks, and I am excited to see what opportunities and adventures this year will bring. 
  • Cook better meals. While I love having rice, beans, and tofu as my staple dinner, I think it is time to put some actual effort into my cooking, and maybe begin competing with my roommates for best chef in the house. 
  • Go on more walks, even if the Michigan winter makes me want to go back inside and burrow in my blankets. I used to walk to class every morning in the biting snow, and I’m losing my edge. 
  • Stay curious, keep learning new things, and constantly grow as a person.

I am grateful for all of you who made it through this trying year along with me. We attempted new things, fought for what we believed in, and adapted to some serious challenges. A new date won’t necessarily change anything, but I am holding onto hope for the future. Remember, we are tough enough to make it through whatever the new year brings. Here’s to 2021!

Happy New Year

Ellie Younger

Ellie Younger is a sophomore majoring in nursing and minoring in global health. Ellie works as a medical record reviewer, and is happy to have found her U-M community in the club Survivor Michigan, for which she is an HR executive. She loves hiking in her home state of Oregon, conversations about social justice, and good poetry.