Staying Positive in the Winter Season

Tips & tricks to avoid your winter slump

By Mari Reyes-Toidze February 20, 2024
Staying Positive in the Winter Season

Many know the difficulties of going to a school that experiences the harsh winter months for over 70% of the time at school. While people enjoy the snow, it can be very tiresome to have to endure the long cold months that Ann Arbor experiences. As clouds cover the skies during the cold months there are multiple ways that students can receive assistance in getting over the winter blues.


One very popular way that students receive assistance is through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS at the University of Michigan provides students the mental health assistance that they need. They offer services both in person and virtually, and every respective school has a specific counselor to help support the students. Their phone number is 734-764-8312 (available 24 hours a day) and their email is [email protected]. Even if you feel as if you aren’t struggling “enough” I highly recommend talking to someone in CAPS. They are there to help you and are typically very helpful in getting you the support that you need.

Daylight Lamp:

My daylight lamp is my personal prized possession. It is very effective and helps me feel a lot more productive with my day. The purpose of a daylight lamp is to mimic the sunlight that our bodies need throughout the day. It is often recommended to sit under the daylight lamp for 15-20 minutes each day in order to experience the full effect. I know it seems surprising how a lamp could help so much with your mood but I really do think it works. As someone who has used the same daylight lamp for four years, almost every day, it really has helped me improve my mood during the cold winter months. I understand that people may not feel like they have the time to sit under a light for 20 minutes a day, but I normally do homework while sitting and I find that it makes me a lot more productive and I use my time a lot better.

Releasing Endorphins:

Making sure you stay active during difficult times can be super overbearing. While juggling both classes and extracurricular activities, it can be super hard to find time to stay active. There are multiple ways to release your endorphins besides staying active, like laughing or even eating chocolate. Any of these alternatives are great options and can help boost your mood even if it is temporary. Getting your body moving and spending time with people who you enjoy the company of is very important for your health and often makes the gloomy days feel 100 times better.

Setting a Routine:

Lastly, setting a routine helps a lot to keep yourself in check. A strict routine often helps your body move consistently throughout each day. With a strict routine your body feels prepared to get more done throughout the day. Even if your routine includes classes and homework, it is beneficial to balance your routine with breaks and time for self care.

It is important to take care of yourself during the winter and throughout the year. I hope these tools help you find ways to better yourself during hard times.

Mari Reyes-Toidze
Mari Reyes-Toidze

Mari Reyes-Toidze is a Stamps sophomore hoping to pursue a bachelors degree in both arts and architecture. She is from the city of Philadelphia and is a huge Eagles fan. She is part of the Michigan Club Swim Team and is on the membership team for her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. She is also a campus manager for the company UTees. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, and swimming.