Three Key Takeaways from My College Experience
February 18, 2020
Zane Harding

When the winter 2020 semester concludes, I will finish my final full semester at the University of Michigan. In the four years since I first moved to Ann Arbor, my life has changed in every way imaginable, and I encourage all of you future members of the #Victors2024 class to make every second count. Now, as I prepare to find and enter a career working at the university, I’d like to highlight three of the most important takeaways from my time as an undergraduate.

#1: If you aren’t sure where to start, well, to quote Shakira: “Try everything.”

During my time at Michigan as an English major, I took classes in political science, sociology, entrepreneurship, slavic literature, women’s studies, economics, Spanish, statistics, astronomy, computer science, earth science, environment, education, and music. Not too bad. 

Now, not every student comes to the university seeking such a diverse liberal arts education. I have many friends who came here specifically to study art, or music, or engineering, or computer science, or business. But if you aren’t sure what direction you want to take your future career just yet, the fact that Michigan has so many diverse classes to sample is special.


#2: Set a good tone for your school years by attending Festifall and early season football games.

Now, this might seem like a strange combination, but I associate the start of the school year specifically with Michigan football and Festifall. (If you end up living on North Campus, I can confirm that Northfest is equally fun. In fact, I recommend all freshmen attend both if they can.) 

Festifall is where I discovered multiple beloved student organizations that shaped and defined my college experience. I even had the opportunity to table for my own student organizations during my sophomore, junior, and senior years. 

Early season football games, meanwhile, are a great way to socialize and create meaningful friendships as the school year begins. If you end up attending both, you have a great chance of boosting your spirits and morale as you embark upon the adventure that is a new school year.


#3: Take pictures.

I promise you: the four years go by fast. Take pictures and enjoy every second. Whether it’s your first football game together as a full apartment...

...or you’re at Disneyworld with your student organization...

...or perhaps you just stopped at the World’s Largest Truckstop with your friends on the way back from an impromptu trip to Iowa...

...take a moment to stop and snap a photo from time to time. You won’t regret it.



Zane Harding

Zane is a senior in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts majoring in English. He first became passionate about writing when he helped found the Michigan Society for American Baseball Research (better known as M-SABR). Today, Zane writes for SB Nation's Bless You Boys covering the Detroit Tigers (but he spends most of his time writing music) and is preparing to enter a career at U-M.