Which MLC is for me? A look inside Living Arts

By Elizabeth Schmuhl February 1, 2019

Living Arts, an MLC Located in Bursley Hall, brings together students in the School of Music Theatre and Dance, Stamps School of Art & Design, College of Engineering, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban planning, School of Information, as well as many other disciplines.

Our students live and learn together, and explore creative process from each of their respective disciplines. Living Arts is about sharing ideas and approaches to making in an interdisciplinary environment.

Living Arts explores how the arts collaborate with architecture, engineering, and other disciplines to open doors for greater problem-solving through teamwork.

This tight-knit community of creative, curious, and adventurous students is comprised of approximately 80 first-year students and 20 returning students, who serve as peer mentors.


This is what some of our students have to say about Living Arts:


“Everyone is so passionate about everything that they do. And everyone is so different, too; they have their own different interests, their own unique skills. It’s really cool to be in the lounge and take a break from your own work and hear what the art students are doing, what the music students are doing. We all have a common love for the arts and a passion for integrating our discipline with another’s.”

-Tess Eschebach, College of Engineering

“Living Arts helped me find my place in the university very quickly, and I found a great group of friends who are as passionate about making art in all of the different forms and ways I am. Thinking about the creative process helped me examine my music making, and continues to inform how I approach the musical process. I’m so glad I joined this community.”

-Allison Thabit, SMTD

"Living Arts has provided me with a strong community from day one, and exposed me to people with diverse creative interests and talents. Through Living Arts, I've had the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with the friends who I live and learn with. It has absolutely been my favorite part of coming to Michigan!"

-Mitchell Lawrence, Architecture




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