Why You Should Attend Campus Day

Making Connections and Learning About Campus

By Catherine Russell January 31, 2023
Why You Should Attend Campus Day

I attended Campus Day on a gray, rainy morning in early February 2022. I had just committed to the University of Michigan and was eager to learn more about where I would spend my next four years, but I still needed to be fully confident in my decision. Greeted warmly by students at the Michigan Union upon arrival, I instantly realized that I had found my place because of the hospitality shown to me.

Campus Day may seem daunting and nerve-wracking at first glance, but it was one of the best experiences for me because I learned about all the University of Michigan offers. Hearing first hand perspectives and stories from current students helped me envision myself in their shoes on campus, from attending my first class in Angell Hall to cheering on the Wolverines at my first game in the Big House as a student. My nerves quickly transformed into excitement.

Campus Day is a great way to meet future classmates and build connections with other students and faculty members. During Campus Day, your guide will take you and a group of other prospective students on a tour around campus. It is essential to understand that the people in your group are just as nervous as you are for this day and what their next four years will look like. Relating over each other's nerves is an excellent opportunity to connect, spark a conversation, and make a new friend.

On my Campus Day, one of the other girls in my group introduced herself to me, and we realized that we had a lot of mutual friends from our hometowns. We quickly added each other on social media and became friends. Flash forward to August of my first year, that girl I met on my Campus Day became my roommate, and we have been friends ever since. You never know the relationships that can result from attending your Campus Day; you might be even as lucky to find your potential roommate for your first year.

Another vital aspect of Campus Day is familiarizing yourself with the campus. The student guides do a fantastic job leading tours and showcasing our incredible campus. From exploring the UGLI (Undergraduate Library) to observing the Ross School of Business's unique architecture, you can learn more about critical parts of campus.

As intimidating as Campus Day may seem, it is worth attending because of the resources and clarity it provides prospective students in determining if Michigan will be home for the next four years. I went from being a high school senior unsure of her decision to attend the university, to now being a second-semester first-year loving every aspect of campus. If it were not for my Campus Day, I would not have ended up at the most outstanding university in the world.

Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell is a first-year student at the University of Michigan, majoring in business through the Ross School of Business and minoring in entrepreneurship. Catherine is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and is interested in creative writing and marketing. Catherine loves to spend time with friends, explore new places, travel, and find the best coffee shops on campus!