Value of a U-M Degree

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Attending college is an investment that can make a tremendous impact on your future. The lifetime earning gap between high school and college grads continues to widen as the economy changes. For most young people, earning a college degree has become the best way to prepare for meaningful careers with a promising future. While looking at schools, you should keep in mind both the total costs for your family and the overall long-term value of a degree from that college.

A World-class Opportunity in Your Own Backyard

Michigan is considered one of the world’s top universities. The amazing resources and opportunities available at U-M attract exceptional faculty and students from every state and 92 countries.

When you graduate from U-M, you become part of one of the largest and most successful alumni networks — more than 580,000 strong —connecting you to many career and social opportunities beyond campus. Having a degree from a reputable school also allows U-M graduates to earn $1,000,000+ more in a lifetime than high-achieving high school graduates.

Four-year Graduation Rates

  • U-M: 77%

  • Public universities: 27%

Freshmen Retention Rates

  • U-M: 97%

  • Public universities: 79%


Alumni Network
Make global connections with 580,000+ living almuni worldwide.
Career Development
A wealth of information including career self-assessment, university resources, job search tools, and career planning information and resources.

Could the ancient art of origami bring nanotechnology into the third dimension? Engineers and artists at U-M are collaborating to find out whether lasers can reproduce the paper-scoring technique on scales a thousand times smaller than the thickness of a strand of hair.