of undergraduates in Ross classes are non-Ross students

Entrepreneurship Courses
Learn more about blazing your own trail through the 30+ entrepreneurial student organizations and 100+ entrepreneurship courses offered at U-M.

Entrepreneurship Minor
This 15-credit minor equips undergraduate students from any background or area of study with the necessary skills and experience to translate ideas into real impact in the arts, sciences, commercial, and social areas.

Entrepreneurship Programs
Entrepreneurship is intrinsically an interdisciplinary activity. The University of Michigan’s excellence over a breadth provides powerful support to students in both educational and academic objectives.

Industrial and Operations Engineering Program
An Industrial and Operations Engineering degree is a specialized engineering degree in the analysis and operations of systems, but students can also concentrate in business, economics, social sciences, and medical sciences. 

Kinesiology Sport Management Program 
The Sport Management program in the School of Kinesiology prepares students for careers in the global sports industry. The curriculum explores the cultural and business impact of sports -- through hands-on, real-world case studies and consulting projects.

LSA Applied Liberal Arts Courses
Applied Liberal Arts courses allow you to develop and hone a range of essential skills for success in college and other opportunities, especially during your first- and second-year as you explore majors, minors, internships and other options for personal and professional growth.

LSA Majors and Minors
LSA offers more than 100 degree programs across the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. All of them develop the broad liberal arts-based skills that make strong leaders, from communications to analysis to collaboration. Many also directly focus on organizational structure and leadership for those who want to pursue specialized studies toward a business career.

Michigan Ross Bachelor of Business Administration Program
Through Michigan Ross' hands-on, real-world approach to business, you'll learn to lead, reach your goals, and make a real impact on your community and your world.

Michigan Ross Cappo Sales Track
If you’re interested in a career in the field of sales, Michigan Ross offers a special course track open to all undergrads.

Michigan Ross Electives for Non-Business Majors
Even if you’re not a business major, enrolling in Ross courses can complement your undergraduate degree and give you a competitive advantage in your chosen field.

Michigan Ross Business Minor (by application only)
Develop your passions and abilities with an understanding of key business skills, concepts and perspectives that will help you in any career.

Michigan Ross Real Estate Development Minor
This 15-credit minor equips students with a basic understanding of sustainable real estate development principles, history, finance, and how development intersects and impacts the arts, sciences, and social areas.