Blog post - Inside my mind on my drive home

Inside My Mind on My Drive Home

Join me inside my mind while I drive home, reminiscing on the past semester, looking forward to the next, and everything in between.

blog post - Breaking into Break by Ellie

Breaking into Break

As students across campus prepare for winter break, this student blogger shares ideas of things to do at home or if you’re staying in Ann Arbor.

Blog post - My November in Review

My November in Review

From U-M events to Taylor Swift’s new “Red” album, I walk you through my highlight reel from the month as I reflect on the end of this year.

Blog - Best Coffee Spots Near Campus

Best Coffee Spots Near Campus

The coffee scene is an important part of any college town, so let me tell you a little bit about the best places here in Ann Arbor.

Blog post - Cool classes to diversify your class schedule

Cool Classes to Diversify Your Class Schedule

From the Campus Farm to Wayfinding, the University of Michigan has plenty of cool professors and classes that you can take during your time here! Let me enlighten you to some of my friends’ favorite classes they’ve taken so far at UMich.