Undeclared – Picking an Academic Path

Undeclared – Picking an Academic Path

Through my first year of college, taking different classes, researching departments, engaging deeply with the clubs I was a part of, and speaking to students in a host of different majors, the question of what I wanted to study began to answer itself.

Blog post - Battling Imposter Syndrome

Battling Imposter Syndrome

I talk about my own past and present experiences with imposter syndrome and share some ideas on what to do when this feeling pops up in your life.

Blog post - On Finding and Building Community

On Finding and Building Community

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a part of a community. Finding community is a meaningful experience, but it can also be quite difficult at times. I share my thoughts on connecting with others as we continue our transition into this school year.

Blog post: What Fills Your Cup?

What Fills Your Cup? Owning Your Time in College

Whether you’re a first-year trying to navigate how to get involved on campus or a senior trying to make your last year on campus your best, read about how one U-M blogger found their place on campus and learn how you can too.

Blog post - A Messate to My Freshman Self

A Message to My Freshman Self

Looking for some advice for your first year? As a current junior, I write to my freshman self, offering tips and reflections from my time at U-M.

August 8 blog post on staying organized

Tips on How to Stay Organized Throughout the Semester

With the first week of classes officially over, I’m sure some of you are feeling pretty overwhelmed and lost. That’s okay! It’s perfectly normal to feel like that in the beginning of the term. I’ve decided to share some tips that help me keep calm during these busy weeks in hopes that maybe these tips will help you too, even if you are still in high school!

Aug 25 blog

Waffles, Football, and Other Hallmarks of Fall in Ann Arbor

As fall begins to settle in again in Ann Arbor with the new school year, I’ve started to think about all the classic elements of Michigan autumn. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to greeting after the previous mostly-virtual year.

August 17 blog post

Preparing to Go Back to the U-M Campus

Looking for some motivation to start packing for college this fall? Read on for some tips and best practices on preparing to move to campus and what to do once you arrive.

Nature areas around campus

Visiting Nature Areas Around or Near Campus to Relieve Some Stress

From the Arb to the Campus Farm, there are tons of places around UM-Ann Arbor that are filled with the most beautiful nature. Luckily for me and many others around me, nature is an excellent way to relieve stress. Come with me as I show you some of my favorite nature spots in Ann Arbor.