The admissions office reviews transfer applications for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) and the College of Engineering. 

Please visit our school or college websites for more information on their transfer requirements and applications, as they vary. If you are interested in an upper-level admitting unit (sophomore or junior transfer), please apply directly to that unit. 

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design 
Stephen M. Ross School of Business 
School of Dentistry - Dental Hygiene Program 
Marsal Family School of Education 
College of Engineering 
School of Information  
School of Kinesiology 
College of Literature, Science, & the Arts 
School of Music, Theatre & Dance
School of Nursing 
College of Pharmacy 
School of Public Health 
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy (Internal candidates only)

Required LSA and Engineering Application Materials

All LSA and Engineering transfer students are required to submit the following prior to the deadline date:

  • Completed Common Application, along with $75 application fee or fee waiver request*
  • Proof of high school completion: Final official high school/secondary school record (including 9th-12th grades and graduation date) or GED exam results sent directly from the institution to [email protected]
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions, including college transcripts from any dual enrollment courses, sent directly from the institution via a transcript service or to [email protected]. We do not accept transcripts sent from the applicant. (We require an explanation for any Ws, Is, or gaps in education. Please provide this explanation in the "additional information" section of the Common Application.)
  • List of all current and future courses 
  • Test Scores: TOEFL, IELTS, MET, Duolingo, etc. if English is not your first language. Optional: ACT/SAT (only tests taken as a high school student will be accepted). Students are welcome to self-report test scores directly on application.
  • Optional unless requested: Academic Evaluator/Instructor recommendation, college report, and midyear report 

We highly recommend that all required documents be submitted electronically. You can do so via your application vendor or an online document service such as Parchment, Scrip-Safe, SCOIR, National Student Clearinghouse, and so on.

*You can apply for a fee waiver in the application if you meet certain criteria. Visit Enrollment Connect to view your application fee waiver status. International students are not typically eligible for fee waivers.

*In addition to the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver granted by the state, the University of Michigan will waive all Common Application filing fees for students who qualify as tribal-enrolled American Indian or Alaska Native applicants (Tribal Enrollment Number required). Applicants should check "Other Fee Waiver Request" and "American Indian or Alaska Native Tribal Enrollee" in the U-M specific portion of the application.

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LSA Requirements

Students applying to transfer to LSA must be in good standing, both academically and socially, at the institution(s) attended.

We consider the college grade point average, the quality and quantity of transferable college credit, TOEFL/MET scores (if applicable), and the quality of high school credentials (including grades, strength of curriculum, and standardized test scores if provided) during the transfer review process. The closer a student is to having 60 transferable credits, the less the student's high school work will be used in the evaluation.

Non-native speakers of English must provide proof of English proficiency.

Transferring Credit

A specific number of earned credits is not required, but competitive transfer candidates typically have two or more semesters of transferable graded college coursework at the time of application. Students with less than two semesters of graded college work at the time of application will have more emphasis placed upon the high school academic record as part of our evaluative process.

Successful Candidates

Competitive College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) transfer applicants will have taken a strong curriculum of transferable college courses. As we assess the curriculum elected, we are looking for classes that satisfy LSA distribution requirements, align with academic area of interest/major, and/or demonstrate progression of curriculum (upper-level coursework).

Computer Science (CS) Degree

Due to capacity constraints, students who apply for admission into the College of LSA and are considering CS as a major must now request selection into the major on the Common Application. Students will either be admitted into a pathway to declare the CS major or denied admission into LSA. For additional information, visit the Computer Science and Engineering Admissions webpage.

Contact Us

For questions about the admissions process and application, you can connect directly with a transfer admissions counselor by emailing [email protected].

If you have questions about credit transfer, how to choose the right classes for transfer, LSA majors and minors, and what programs might be right for you to explore, contact the LSA Transfer Team at [email protected]


Engineering Requirements

Competitive applicants to Michigan Engineering will have completed all of the required prerequisite courses, with direct equivalent credit, prior to their intended term of enrollment at U-M, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Michigan Engineering requires the following courses to be "completed", "in-progress", or "planned" at the time of application. Prerequisite courses cannot be filled by placement exams administered at other institutions. All required prerequisites must be completed with a letter grade of a "C" or better by the intended term of enrollment at Michigan. For information related to courses taken during the coronavirus pandemic, please refer to our Covid Course Work webpage.

Admission Prerequisites 

  • Calculus I (equivalent to U-M Math 115)*
  • Calculus II (equivalent to U-M Math 116)*
  • 1 Calculus Based Physics +Lab (equivalent to U-M Physics 140 +141 or U-M Physics 240 + 241)  
  • 1 General College Chemistry + Lab (equivalent to U-M Chemistry 130 + 125 + 126 or Chemistry 210 + 211)
  • 1 Computing Course (equivalent to U-M EECS 183 or ENGR 101)
    • (Engineering 101 or C++ preferred)
  • 1 First Year English Composition

*If AP credit is awarded for Calculus I (equivalent to U-M Math 115) and/or Calculus II (equivalent to U-M Math 116) then Calculus 3 (equivalent to U-M Math 215) becomes a requirement.

If English is not your native language, you must also provide proof of English proficiency.

Transferring Credit

To request an evaluation of a Math course for transfer credit equivalency, please click on this link: LSA - Math Transfer Credit. Please check the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and the College of Engineering’s Equivalency Database before submitting a request as the course may have been evaluated already.

NOTE: Simply meeting the minimum GPA expectations and completion of prerequisites does not guarantee an offer of admission as each application is reviewed individually.

Successful Candidates

A successful U-M transfer student to the College of Engineering will have completed prerequisite courses at their current school with a minimum GPA (which will vary by department and may change at any time).

Computer Science (CS) Degree

Due to capacity constraints, students who apply for admission into the College of Engineering and are considering computer science as a major must now request selection into the major on the Common Application. For additional information, visit the Computer Science and Engineering Admissions webpage

Contact Us

If you have any other questions about transferring to Michigan Engineering, please feel free to reach out to the undergraduate admissions transfer team at [email protected] or to Michigan Engineering directly at [email protected].

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