Michigan Transfer Agreement

Michigan Transfer Agreement History

In 2012, the Michigan legislature included  language in the community college appropriations bill that focused on improving the transferability of core college courses by revising the current Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (MACRAO) agreement, and renaming it the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

U-M Policy on Implementing the Michigan Transfer Agreement

  • The University of Michigan supports the principles that underlie the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) as published in February 2014.  We value the transparency and student focus that underlie the Agreement.
  • The University of Michigan does not have a general education requirement.  Courses in the MTA block will be individually evaluated for their role in meeting degree requirements as outlined in the MTA implementation handbook.
  • The University of Michigan will evaluate individual courses in the MTA block for transfer, and if transferable will place these courses on a student’s transcript as transfer credit.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, which is being implemented this year, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course.

These credits, which will be certified by a Michigan community college, should be met according to the following distributions:

  • 1 course in English Composition
  • A second course in English Composition or 1 course in Communications
  • 1 course in Mathematics from one of three pathways: College Algebra, Statistics or Quantitative Reasoning
  • 2 courses in Social Sciences (from two disciplines)
  • 2 courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from two disciplines excluding studio and performance classes)
  • 2 courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience (from two disciplines)

MTA Course Information

Below we describe MTA courses by sending institution. These courses have been evaluated to align with the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) distribution requirements. Other schools and colleges have different requirements relative to the transfer of MTA course credits, and different requirements relative to courses required for admission. Please review the information available here.